#TBT to 5 Makeup Trends I loved in High School

Looking back at what I thought was really cool and trendy in high school is somewhat comical but also brings a glimmer of nostalgia. Especially when it comes to my makeup choices, anyone else with me on this?

In spirit of #TBT these are the 5 Makeup Trends I loved (and participated in) in High School:

1. Frosted Purple Eyeliner

loreal paris purple eyeliner

Freshman year, I remember my mom bought me a chubby eyeliner pencil in a frosty purple from Walgreens. I want to say it was by L'Oréal. I would draw the line from one corner to my eye to the other and call it good! The days of multiple eyeshadow colors and eyeshadow primer were only in my distant future. Thick, purple, frosty (non winged) liner was my day to day go-to look. That with a touch of zoom lash and I was good to go!

2. Too Much Bronzer

I went through a phrase where Bronzer was everything. I was a little heavy handed and remember getting my school picture taken thinking my look was ah-ma-zing and it was just ah-bronze-y. I definitely fell victim to the too-tan for school (pictures) look.

mandy moore tan makeup
Side note - I seriously love Mandy Moore. I think current Mandy always has flawless and effortless makeup. #tbt to tan Mandy

3. Never Filling In My Brows

Is it just me or did anyone else just not fill in their brows in high school? I always thought that my brows were already too thick and dark so I had no reason to define my arches. Anastasia dip brow, where were you in my life? 😂 I wish I had these instructions back then:

Anastasia dip brow pomade
#anastasiadipbrow where were you in High School?

4. Racoon Eyes

Now we get to the Emo kid phase. Anyone else go through this? I thought I was at least. LiveJournal, MySpace, going to shows all the time, the usual. Anyways, I was super lucky to get an entire set of Benefits Cosmetics for Christmas my Junior year. I was so excited for everything, especially the extra black mascara and the jet black eye liner bad gal eyeliner. Bad gal? Who me? Yes! Sign me up. 💁🏻I clearly hadn't learn how to line my eyes yet from Freshman year so racoon eyes is what I did. I also really wanted Avril's pink highlights, but that's another story.

5. Thick, Sticky, Lipgloss

Last but not least, I know I had quite the collection of Juicy Tubes. Tons of colors of sticky, thick, almost syrupy lip gloss. You know when a strand or two of hair gets stuck on your lips because your gloss is like honey? Ugh. Well I still love lipgloss today, but I'm picky about texture. Juicy Tubes are no more, and Buxom glosses are in!

If any of these throwbacks rang a bell for you comment below and let me know! What other makeup trends did you follow in high school?

Stay Beautiful!

-Ashlee Lauren-

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